Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Grand Finale! The Nitty-Gritty Of Costume Making!

Well hello crafters!

Today I have some news for you! This is the very last blog post that I will be graded on! What does that mean for this blog? Well, nothing! I will still be posting all my crafts and loving every minute of it, it just means I will no longer receive a grade for my posts! :) Does this mean the quality will go down? NO! You will still receive the same grammar, the same spelling, and the same punctuation that you have seen in all my other posts! So, I just wanted to share that news with you all!

Now, today as a grand finale for this class I am going to show you a costume that I have been working on for quite a while! This costume is about 90% completed, but I wanted to show you the nitty-gritty of it when it was just foam and glue. So, without further ado I present to you "Buckeye the African Grey" costume! (P.S. If you attend Ohayocon look for me! I'll be there! ;) )

      This is the front view of the costume head. That's not the actual eye that is going to be there. It's a place holder so I know where the eyes are!

                                This is the side view of the head. I can see a smile under all that duct tape! :D

This is the back view of the costume head. Yes, it's covered in duct tape. This is to make a pattern so I can cover the head with cloth, faux fur, etc.


                                       This is the bird's eye view of the costume head. (Ha, I made a joke!)

    This is the front view of the costume head, don't mind the paper and the shoe in the background. ;)

This is a side view of the costume head. There's that smile again! :D


This is the back of the costume head. I think it looks quite unattractive from the back. ;P

Here's the last shot of the costume head. That's duct tape on the black part of the neck.

Here's just one shot of the feet, they look so awesome now that they are covered in fleece and have big claws! :D Maybe I will give you a shot of the completed feet, if I feel generous! ;)

Well crafters that's the nitty-gritty. It looks so ugly in the beginning, but the results look amazing! That's information for another post though, but maybe it will keep you wanting more! ;) So crafters this is the end of my blogging class, but it's not the end of Let's Get Down And Crafty! I hope that you will keep coming back for more crafts and I hope that you yourself will Get Down And Crafty! Thanks for reading crafters and I wish everyone the best of luck in their new classes!

May your life be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Pretty Little Wallpaper!

Hey Crafters,

This is just a little freebie post! I'm doing a project with my new tablet, and I have the first layer done. It makes a really nice wallpaper, so I'm putting it up here if you would like to use it for your computer! :D The picture is below, all you have to do is click it to make it bigger!

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Very First "Feathered Fridays!" - Buckeye the African Grey

Hello crafters!

Today is the very first Feathered Friday! Hoo-ray! :D So, basically on Feathered Fridays I'm going to tell you a funny story featuring my lovely pet parrots. There will usually be a video or picture accompanying each post and I'm hoping you'll get at least one laugh out of it, but the first three posts will be all about the individual parrots I have. Alright, without further ado here is the very first Feathered Fridays post.

Buckeye the African Grey

                                                 Buckeye inspecting a suspicious balloon

This is Buckeye, he's a six year old African Grey Parrot. He enjoys almonds, peanuts, and eating the keyboard keys off of computers. (Naughty parrot *tsk tsk*) ;) He dislikes towels, baths, and the little orange squawking thing that lives next to him, also known as Blaze the Sun Conure. Buckeye can say over 1000 phrases, words, and sounds. He loves a good scratch on the head, and making kissing noises at everyone. Now, there's that little introduction! I hope you love Buckeye! :D Look for my next Feathered Friday where I'll introduce Blaze the Sun Conure!

May your day be feathered,
Taylor Spades ♠

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Check This Blog Out! "Cosplay Sky"

Hey crafters!

Alright today I've got a cool blog you guys to check out! The name of this blog is Cosplay Sky and it's a little different because it's a cosplay blog, but I thought it was pretty neat! So, please click the link below and check this blog out! Thanks guys!

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

AHH!! Look What I Got For Christmas!

Hey crafters!

This is just a little post because I wanted to show you want I got for Christmas! *drum roll*

That's right! It's a pen and touch Wacom Bamboo computer tablet! I can now draw on the computer! :D *woo-hoo!* So, look for some digital art from me! Well, that's all crafters, I just wanted to post and show you!

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Hello crafters!

Today I'd just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I'm spending my Christmas break in Florida, so no snow for me! ;P You're also not going to see any crafts from me while I'm on break because I don't have any way to make crafts down here. :( Anyway, how are you spending your Christmas break and what did you receive for Christmas? Leave a comment below and tell me! :D

May your Christmas be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠