Friday, January 7, 2011

The Very First "Feathered Fridays!" - Buckeye the African Grey

Hello crafters!

Today is the very first Feathered Friday! Hoo-ray! :D So, basically on Feathered Fridays I'm going to tell you a funny story featuring my lovely pet parrots. There will usually be a video or picture accompanying each post and I'm hoping you'll get at least one laugh out of it, but the first three posts will be all about the individual parrots I have. Alright, without further ado here is the very first Feathered Fridays post.

Buckeye the African Grey

                                                 Buckeye inspecting a suspicious balloon

This is Buckeye, he's a six year old African Grey Parrot. He enjoys almonds, peanuts, and eating the keyboard keys off of computers. (Naughty parrot *tsk tsk*) ;) He dislikes towels, baths, and the little orange squawking thing that lives next to him, also known as Blaze the Sun Conure. Buckeye can say over 1000 phrases, words, and sounds. He loves a good scratch on the head, and making kissing noises at everyone. Now, there's that little introduction! I hope you love Buckeye! :D Look for my next Feathered Friday where I'll introduce Blaze the Sun Conure!

May your day be feathered,
Taylor Spades ♠


  1. @Andrea Thanks! He's such a little stinker though! :D He loves to wolf whistle at the ladies! ;)