Sunday, October 31, 2010



May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades

Friday, October 29, 2010

Etsy Opinions?

Hey crafters I have a pressing question to ask you!

If I made an store full of the things I craft do you think it would be successful? These are the things I would sell:

Parrot Snuggle Huts
Parrot Toys
Parrot Mess Catchers
Cat Eared Hats
Hand Warmers
Stuffed Animals
Stuffed Charms
and tons more!

I know you haven't seen a lot of this stuff from me yet but I make it! So, crafters If I opened an Etsy store would you buy things from it? Comment and let me know OK!

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hey crafters! It's almost Halloween! AHHH!!

I am so swamped with Halloween costumes, but I did finish the one I was making for my brother. This year he wanted to be Scooby Doo, and being the loving sister I am, I told him that I would make him a Scooby Doo costume. To start this whole project I went out and bought a beige jacket, foam, felt, fuzzy fleece, thread, needles, and hot glue! So, without further ado, the pictures! There will be some commentary that goes with them, so please read it! It will tell you all about the process of making the costume.

This is the jacket that goes with the costume. I hand sewed all the black spots you see on the jacket and the ears I hand sewed, then hand sewed them to the hood. The spots are black fuzzy two sided fleece, and the ears are felt with fleece insides.

This the the tail that goes with the costume. It's made out of fleece, with an elastic band sewed on. The elastic band is to hold it on a belt. The tail is also stuffed with polyfill, and it has a wire inside so it's fully poseable!

These are the feet that go with the costume. They are completely hand made, and they are made out of foam, felt, and elastic. The elastic is to keep the feet attached to the shoes you wear. So, you don't have to always wear the same shoes unlike paws that are built off of shoes.

My brother loves it and he can't wait to wear it to school! (Psst...I'll tell ya I think we really need to find a costume contest with a cash prize *wink-wink*) Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I can't wait to make more costumes! It's my favorite thing to do. :)

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

How To Get A Head In Life....*Rim Shot*

Hey crafters, how are you today?

Well, I'm starting to get into the hat business and I thought you make like to see the head I use to size them. ;) It was a very very small mannequin head that I modified with duct tape and foam. It is now a 23 inch head, 23 inches is about the size of a normal human head. I use the mannequin head to measure the hats and take pictures with them. In the dark it looks like a spooky floating head. *wink* Pictures are a head: **

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Ta-Da List!

Hey Hey Hey Crafters It's Spades here, bringing you all the crafts of today, yesterday and tomorrow.

Alllll Right, today I'm going to show you my Ta-Da List that I made. It about all the crafts that I want to create. So, please go and check it out! Here's the link CLICK IT!

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Crunchy Autumn!

Hey crafters, do you know what time of the year it is? YES! It's Autumn!

The time of crunchy leaves, raking, and beautiful colors! So, I thought I'd show you my backyard and all the colors in it!

Now on to the video!

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Check this blog out! "I Can Haz Cheezburger?"

Hello all you crafters!

Now I know this is a craft blog and I should be showcasing other craft blogs, but this blog is too cute to resist. It's called I Can Haz Cheezburger? and it's full of adorable pictures of animals with hilarious captions! It's really good If you just want to unwind after a hard day. I know I can help but have a smile on my face! So, if you'd like a big dose of happiness just go to this link:

All you have to do after is sit and enjoy! :D

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

A Bleach Drawing!

What's up crafters?

Well, today I'm going to show you another drawing. You might not know who this is, but it's still art. :) If you watch the anime "Bleach" you will have no trouble identifying the character. ;) If not here is a picture so you have see what he looks like.

Now, here's my drawing.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! :D Thanks for reading!

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

I got the picture from:
The drawing is mine, please do not steal the image.

Friday, October 22, 2010





Thursday, October 21, 2010

An African Grey Drawing!

Hello crafters and people who I force to read this blog! ;)

It's time for more parrot themed posts! I'm going to show you a picture I made of my African Grey parrot Buckeye. It was originally a mock-up for a sculpture I was going to do for a contest, but I didn't have the money to buy the clay I needed. :( I still ended up with this cool drawing though! :) So, today please enjoy my work titled, "Buckeye's Wing Stretches". :D

Buckeye's Wing Stretches

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

A Neat Little Website Called "Wordle"

Hey craft lovers, I hope you like words! ;)

Today I'd like to show you an awesome website called Wordle. It's a website that randomizes a huge amount of words and makes them into a really cool collage type piece. I'd like to show you one that I made when I was playing around with it.

Wordle: Tons Of Words

It's a bunch of random words that I put in and it made this pretty little collage out of them! :D It's amazing if you ask me! So, if you would like to make your own Wordle piece go to The word possibilities are endless! ;)

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Check This Blog Out! "Scrapbooking"

Bonjour everybody! How much have you crafted today?

It's time for another "Check This Blog Out!" Today I'd like you guys to check out the blog "Scrapbooking". It's a brand new blog, but it's still pretty great. The blog is all about digital scrapbooking and seeing the different digital scrapbooks the blog owner has made. It's a fantastic blog and worth your time. So, please click the link and check "Scrapbooking" out! Thanks guys! Here's the link:

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Question Of The Day!

Well hello-hellooo-hellooooo crafffttteeerrrsss!

Hmm...It seems I have an echo, could It be because no one answers my questions? Oh well, I'm still going to keep asking them. Anyway, today's question is: If you could make a full time business out of crafting would you do it? Keep in mind that you would have to rely on people buying your crafts to live! So, to say the question again: If you could make a full time business out of crafting would you do it? Please leave a comment and answer the question!

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Sunday, October 17, 2010

African Grey Bath :D - Here's Something A Little Different!

Hey crafters I hope you like animals because today I'm going to show you an African Grey parrot taking a bath! This is Buckeye, he's an African Grey parrot. He normally hates it when we give him a bath, but when he gets to do it himself he loves it! I personally think he needs a little kiddie pool. :D So, if you want to see a bathing parrot just press the play button and enjoy.

 May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Check This Blog Out! "Design*Sponge"

Hey! You know what time it is crafters! It's time for another check this blog out post! This time I'd like you check out the blog called "Design*Sponge" It's a great blog with a ton of really cool pictures! They show a ton of before and after projects. They make a huge amount of posts every week so you'll never be bored! So, please check out Design*Sponge! Just click on their name to be taken to the blog. Thanks!

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

A Couple Of Very Old Projects!

Hello Crafting People!

I wanted to show you some of my very old sculptures that I've made. They are over six years old, so they definitely don't show my quality of work today! Lets start with one of my oldest sculptures, the dragon from Dragonball Z! I made this sculpture when I was about ten or eleven and I sat in one spot and worked on it for about five hours! :) When I set my mind to something I have a lot of patience!

The next sculpture I would like to show you is a wolf I made at about the same time as the green dragon. By this time I was hooked on clay and I absolutely loved it! :D As you can see I really liked the mixing effect you can get with clay!

The last sculpture I want to show you is another dragon and he is my favorite out of all three. This is dragon Haku for Spirited Away, and he is a very large dragon. :) He's a little over a foot tip to tail. Well, I hope you enjoyed the sculptures!

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Thursday, October 14, 2010

This Is Blaze The Sun Conure Parrot!

Hello! Have you crafted anything today? ;)

Well today I'm going to show you a little introduction video about my Sun Conure Blaze! I hope you enjoy the video! ;D

Create your own video slideshow at

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My New Question! How Are Your Cleaning Habits?


It's that time again! It's time for another question! This time I'm going to ask you about your cleaning habits. :) When I'm crafting behind closed doors I do make a bit of a mess. OK, not just a bit of a mess, a HUGE mess! So, today crafters I'd like to ask how are your cleaning habits after you craft? Are you neat and tidy or does your crafting area look like a tornado flew through? Let me know, I promise I won't tell! ;)

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Your Weekly Check This Blog Out! "Craft"

Hello all you happy crafty people!

It's time for your weekly check out this blog! The blog I'd like you to check out today is called, "CRAFT". It's an awesome blog that has a little bit of everything. It also updates several times each day! You will never be bored on CRAFT! So please click this link here: Then, all you have to do is have fun!

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠ 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Little Preview! Stuffed Fox!

Hello devoted craft lovers!

I'm going to give you a small preview of a stuffed animal I've been working on. It's a fox and only his head is done. His head still needs some stuff done on it. So, he might not be done for a while, but I thought I'd show you what a stuffed animal without a body looks like. ;) Here's what he's made of:

Googly eyes
Gray faux fur
Red sparkle faux fur
a plastic nose (It isn't attached yet! :D)

Pictures are below! Check them out!

 May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Friday, October 8, 2010

Another Check This Blog Out Post! "PlushYou!"

Well hello all you crafty people! Are you having a good FRIDAY!?!?!?! :D

So, today I'd like all you craft makers to check out this awesome blog called PlushYou! They make some freaky (In a good way ;) ) plush toys! Here's the link to their blog: Also, here's a little bonus! The link to their website! You can see (and purchase :) ) all they little plush toys they have for sale! The plushies really are unique so please check them out! You won't regret it!

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Question Of The Day! If You Could Make Any Craft What Would It Be?

Hello Hello Hello! How are all you crafty people out there?

Today I'd like to ask you another question! No one answered my last question and I was very, very sad. :'(  Just so you know comments are my fuel, they make me happy! :D So, the question of the day is:

If you could make any craft, what would it be?

Please leave a comment below and tell me, I sure would appreciate it! ;) Thanks guys!

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bleach Mask Overload!

Hello Craft Worshipers!

Here are some older sculptures that I've made, they are all masks from the anime "Bleach". They're all about five years old. Only one can be worn and the others are wall ornaments. To wear the last mask you have to attach it with spirit gum! It's a costuming adhesive! So enough talking, on to the video!

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Halloween Costumes? What Would You Be?

Hello and happy October 6th crafty people!

As we all know Halloween is approaching fast, and I am scrambling to get costumes done in time. I am going to post some WIP's soon! (I can't tell you what they are it's a secret! ^_^) I also might post the costumes I made last Halloween! :D So, my question for you today is: If you could dress up as anything you wanted on Halloween, what would you be? Ponder over that for a little while. I'm sure I'm going to have some very creative costume ideas!

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Monday, October 4, 2010

Check This Blog Out! "The Raggy Rat"

Ciao creatori del mestiere! (Hello Craft Makers! It's Italian ;) )

Today I'd like to tell you all about a little blog called The Raggy Rat! The Raggy Rat is an amazing craft blog that I'd like everyone to see! She makes all sorts of things, from drawings, to stuffed animals, to costumes! She does it all, and she's good at it too! :D So, please head on over to this URL:

Please check out everything that she's made! Then please subscribe to her blog, I'm sure she'd appreciate it! :3

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Cutest Little Bear - Bearbits Contest!

Olá! povos Crafty! (Hello, Crafty People! It's Portuguese! :D )
Today, I'm posting to show you a little contest that one of my favorite blogs is having. Bearbits is having fall giveaway and the prize is Jillana. She is the most adorable little bear I've ever seen! So, if you would like to enter go to:

Put your first/last name and your email! If you have a blog and re-post her link you will get five extra entries! It's free to enter, so what have you got to lose? NOTHING, That's what! :3 So, head on over and enter! You won't regret it!

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠