Monday, December 13, 2010

It's A Snow Day!!! Hooray!

Hey crafters are you frozen yet? :)

Well crafters today is a snow day and you know what that means right? Yeah, NO SCHOOL! :D Hooray! So, I wanted to show you the snow that was responsible for giving us this fabulous day off. All you have to do is scroll down and see the frozen tundra. :)

Haha! So, did you enjoy that? The cats sure did, they love the snow! :) Just so you can know which is which, the Siamese cat (dark one) is Sam and the yellow fluffy cat (red Persian) is Spencer. They gladly volunteered to pose for pictures. :) Well crafters, I hope you enjoyed these pictures because my feet literally froze to my front porch while I was taking them. ;) Anyway, I hope you enjoy this lovely snow day and stay warm everyone! (Psst! Oh, and hope for another snow day! *wink*)

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠

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