Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pretty Little Paper Parrot

Hello Craft Lovers!

I thought I would start you off with something simple. A paper craft! :) This is a paper craft that I made when my little sister was home-schooling. She had to create a bird out of paper and I really wanted to join in. So, she made our African Grey parrot (Buckeye) and I made my Sun Conure parrot (Blaze). I'm actually not sure where she put hers, but I was able to find mine and take pictures of it. :D So, without further ado pictures of a paper parrot! (Just click the links to get to the pictures!)

Paper Sun Conure 3 - I think Blaze might have gained a little weight since I made this! ;)

Paper Sun Conure - Sun Conures have white/gray patches of skin around their eyes. Blaze likes the patches around his eyes scratched. :)

Paper Sun Conure 2 - These are the actual letters on his leg band. I love to be accurate!

Blaze the Sun Conure! :D - This is a picture of the real Blaze! :D

Well, I hope you enjoyed this craft and I would love to see some of you do your own paper craft! It doesn't have to be a bird, it can be anything you can imagine! A dog, a car, a tree, it doesn't matter! Let your imagination soar!

May your day be crafty,
Taylor Spades ♠


  1. Very cool! (: I love it. Such a cute blog.

  2. Your bird is so cute :) but I would really like to know how you made the paper one.So maybe with your next cool craft you could give some directions on how to do it yourself.