Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bread Clay - A Tutorial!

Hey crafters! I've got a neat tutorial for you!

Today I'm going to teach you how to make bread clay! It's easy fast and fun! I found these instructions on eHow so all the instructions are copyright to them. All the pictures were taken by me so they are copyright to me. So, It's on to the tutorial! :D

1 Cut the crust off the bread slice. Tear the bread slice into small pieces and place in the disposable bowl.

    2 Add a plastic spoon full of craft glue. Stir the mixture with the same spoon.

    3 The clay will form into a ball. Don't worry if the ball isn't pretty, you aren't done yet.

  • 4 Make sure you have very clean hands. You don't want to make your sliced bread clay dirty.

  • 5 Squeeze, roll and knead the sliced bread clay until it is smooth, doesn't crumble or stick to your hands. This should only take a few minutes.

  • 6 Add more glue or bread if needed.

  • 7 Add a small amount of acrylic paint in the color desired for your sliced bread clay. Squeeze, roll and knead the sliced bread clay until the paint has been well blended. Place the colored clay in a resealable bag to prevent it from drying out,and keep it in the refrigerator.

  • 8 Repeat the steps for making sliced bread clay until you have all the colors needed to complete a desired project.

  • 9 Once your project has been crafted, allow it to air dry. The drying process will depend on the thickness and size of the project and the humidity in the air.

    Well, wasn't that fun! :D If you make some bread clay please post a picture of it in the comments! Thanks for reading!
    May your day be crafty,
    Taylor Spades ♠  


    1. NOOOO!!!! :O Then I would be a bird murderer! *gasp*

    2. That is interesting! Do you like regular clay better?

    3. @Andrea Actually, yeah I do. The bread clay is a neat idea, but it's a little rough. Regular clay is easier to mold and shape, but the bread clay works in a pinch! ;) Thanks for reading! :)