Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Very Scary Story...

Hello Craft Creators!

I know it's past Halloween, but I totally forgot to post this scary story. It was an school project for the book Frankenstein that I completed a few days ago and I thought you might like to read it! Please be warned though this deals with a mature subject matter, if you have an issue with the story please don't read it. Thank you!

*This deals with a mature subject matter* *What makes a monster?*

A True Monster….Is You
Monster is truly a broad state of mind. It can mean something beyond our state of imagination, something so ugly and horrible that even the bravest men tremble. When we think of monsters we think of the Wolfman, Dracula, or even Frankenstein, but are these true monsters? Are the shadows that lurk in the corners of our imagination what we should truly fear or should we be weary of everyday interactions. Is the old man down the street as innocent as he seems? Is the woman who arrives home late every night really working late?

These are the questions we have to ask ourselves every day. We have formed a society that has bred monsters. The person you are sitting next to could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Now I’d like to ask you, what makes a monster? Is it the person who passes you rudely on the highway or is it the human being who has lost all regards for life?

The person who could take a young child’s life and never think twice. The person that could kill a woman begging for her life. The person that could beat a homeless man on the street while he cries in agony. It doesn’t matter, the monster no longer hears their cries, he is too far gone. The anger has taken over.

The worst thing is, that this horrible animal instinct lives in all of us. Have you ever gotten so angry at someone that you thought you could cause serious bodily harm? Did you catch yourself and then felt like shedding tears for thinking a thought so horrible. Did you know people have those same thoughts about you? Don’t feel bad, everyone has at least one time in their life.

Now you might not be a murderer, but you have the instinct of one. You have that cold blooded intent deep in your soul. I can see your reaction now; you are quick to deny it. You are horrified that I could even suggest that you are like the murderers and rapists that pollute our jails. That you are like the human beings that feed off our government, the human beings that don’t contribute anything to society other than a good ghost story. You are insulted and angry, good I intended for you to be.

Do you feel that base instinct of anger? How it chews a hole in your heart and makes your wildest and most vile wanderings surface. How you feel you could do almost anything. This is what drives a monster, anger that pollutes the mind and the senses.

It seeps into your heart, mind, and soul. It morphs your features until all you wear is a hideous deformed mask. Once you feel anger for so long this mask becomes your every day face. This mask fools those around you and pushes others away. You become an empty shell, a mere shadow of who you once were.

Eventually you lose it all and anger becomes your only friend and what a friend it is. It’s an emotion so ghastly that hell itself is made up of it. An emotion that makes you feel like you could do anything, no matter what the cost. The horrid red tint that clouds your mind, that makes you snap your neck and growl inside. You can never escape it, you can never hide from it, anger will find you and It will morph you into what lies inside…a monster.

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